What causes so much fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm for high-achieving women when trying to advance professional dreams? What are the roots of this phenomenon and how can we break free from the mindsets of Impostor Syndrome, Perfectionism, and Distractionism? The incomparable, Ryane LeCesne, is the Advance Accelerator Coach and she exposes the truth behind these tendencies for Women and how to end them for good. In her work Ryane has established The 3 Essential Tools to Advance Your Professional Dreams and How can high-achieving women align with the 3 Energies of Professional Advancement. She graciously shares her insights and wisdom to enable Women to truly reach their full, unique potential and release self defeating thinking.

On this episode, Ryane shares her expertise to help us understand the insidious messaging that we receive as children that sticks with us throughout our lives and keeps us from our dreams, how to end the cycle of negative beliefs about ourselves, why the subconscious runs the show, advancing professional dreams in the face of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), & how the cycle of fear, “I’m not enough,” and shame hold our brilliance and professional dreams hostage.

Ryane LeCesne is the Advance Accelerator Coach. Since 2012, Ryane has coached nearly 1,000 high-achieving women –specializing in the unique needs of high-achieving Black women – to advance their professional dreams by overcoming and healing from the self-limiting mindsets of Impostor Syndrome, Perfectionism, and Distractionism. Ryane understands how frustrating it is to have followed the “blueprint to success” only to feel like you secretly lack the 3Cs – clarity, confidence, and courage – to advance your career or build your dream business on your terms. She knows what it feels like to have done “everything right” and still feel stuck and trapped second-guessing yourself and your dreams.

You can connect with Ryane and learn more about her work here:
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