Expanding our awareness of what and who we really are is such a critical endeavor at this time of great change in our world and within humanity. Ama Ravensong is a multifaceted talent when it comes to energy work, healing, and understanding our energetic anatomy. She is committed through her work in assisting the expansion of human consciousness on the planet and guiding others to better understand their anatomical design as well as the Divine Will for their life. An understanding of who we are as energetic beings is essential now for an empowered and awakened life. Ama shares with us about the work she does as an energy medicine practitioner, psychotherapist, and reiki master through her programs the Chalice of Light Women’s Energetic Empowerment Program and The Songs of Freedom Project. Learn more about Ama, these projects, and how you can work with her here!  https://yoursacredanatomy.com/team-member/samantha-russell/, AmaRavensong@gmail.com.