One of the greatest challenges that all Human Beings face is the incessant voice in our heads which seems to critique and judge our every move and remind us of past mistakes & all of our short comings. Co-habitating with such an unpleasant guest can feel nearly maddening at times and extremely discouraging on a day-to-day basis. So, what can we do about this abusive brain chatter? My guest this week, Certified life, relationship, and spiritual coach Jacquie Elliott is here to help. Jacquie devotes her time to helping women heal this chatter and replace it with Divine Feminine loving kindness and self acceptance.

On this episode, Jacquie joined me in my living room in Bend, Oregon to talk all about the struggle to release the negativity in our minds and embrace ourselves, as we are and as we age, gracefully and with abundant joy.

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Jacquie Elliott is a Certified Life, Relationship and Spiritual Coach. She is an international retreat leader and is leading a Zoom Summit on Joyful Aging in November and a 7 day women’s spiritual retreat in Guanajuato Mexico in March.  Her new book on Healing Abusive Brain Chatter, is due to come out in December. As a motivational speaker she speaks on topics from Abusive Brain Chatter, Addictions and Goals Setting for Success. Her newsletter can be found on Substack. Email

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