It’s amazing how lost we can get in our minds. How easily other people’s beliefs or opinions about us can begin to feel like our own truth. Yet what other people think is never our truth. We each have our own sovereign truth which is the key to personal peace and freedom. My guest this week, Renee Lindell, knows all too well how it feels to wake up to the shocking realization that she had lost herself after years of brainwashing from a Buddhist cult. Whether it’s through the influence of others or of an addiction, trauma, or depression it can be hard to take the first steps back to yourself. Renee offers gentle and inspiring guidance on how to take that first step and move into a place of the greatest peace one can know.

On this episode Renee and I discuss how to stop betraying ourselves due to low self-esteem and fear, how to move away from the messaging that we’re not OK and need something or someone to fix us, and to realize that there’s nothing holding us back because there are no conditions we have to meet to be worthy, lovable, and free. 

Renee is a former surf model, a professional Argentine Tango dancer, and a serial entrepreneur with an Executive Masters in Business Administration from New York University. She made her publishing debut in 2018 with The Burn Zone, a memoir of her experience as a cult survivor. She now has published her second book, Still on Fire: A Memoir. Renee divides her time between Colorado and South Florida.

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