I had a big AHA! moment this past week as I was panicking about a wound on my thumb which I feared was infected. It hurt! Surely there must be something wrong, I thought, it’s been days. Then it hit me, it can hurt when it’s healing. My wound was fine, it wasn’t infected, it is normal for there to be pain when something is healing. That struck me because I realized that the same can be said for emotional wounds, healing of the past, or changing ways of being that no longer suit us. The transmutation that occurs within us, just as happens with the skin on our bodies when we get cut, can cause pain when it is changing to allow for recovery.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode I share this story of a physical hurt I incurred (and dip into the spiritual meaning behind repeated similar injuries) and offer some reasons I believe that healing can hurt, how pain is actually a positive sign that transformation is happening, and how if we push through the pain and allow our wounds to heal we will find ourselves stepping into that Divine Feminine power.

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