On last Friday’s Identify & Heal solo episode, I offered some guidance on establishing boundaries with intimacy and connecting with our Divine Feminine sexuality. After recording I realized I wanted to drill down further (pun intended!) and share some specific tips on how to really get into your space of Feminine sensuality, ecstasy, and intimacy. How do we get to know what we like and how we experience the highest levels of  pleasures possible in our bodies and spirit? It takes exploration, touching, rubbing and feeling out the joyous delight of having a Female body covered with erogenous zones and climactic centers.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I’m guiding you into that sensual space with a few tips for getting to know your body and your own unique experience of pleasure. As well as learning to voice your desires, what you like, and knowing how to ask for it, share it, and embrace it whether by ourselves or with others. 

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