There are some guests on this show that take us up, out of the atmosphere, and into the cosmos. Where we explore galactic gifts and potentials of light workers, healers, Starseeds, mediums, psychics, & Divine Rebels who bring forth new ways of existing on the planet. Candice Rebello is an Angel Rebel, it’s literally what her name means! She is here to shake things up and bring people onto their true Soul’s path, calling, and experience in this World. Candice is an Intuition Coach, Clairvoyant Psychic, & Master Breathwork Detox Facilitator. She has co-facilitated Breathwork Biohacking events for NASA alongside expert panelists consisting of the world’s top neuroscientists and psychologists. 

On this guest episode, Candice graces us with her powerful gifts and knowledge to share about her work in Mediumship, Family constellation/ancestral alignments, Somatic bodywork/Psychic Somatics, Guides & angels, Healing relationship trauma, Healing the trauma of our youth, & Astrology. We get in depth into these topics and about the beautiful, chaotic experience of being incarnated on Earth at this time and finding our way through healing into flourishing and beyond.

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Candice Rebello’s unique combination of using multifaceted modalities allows her to expedite problem-solving by identifying core issues and patterns faster than traditional coaching methods. By helping her clients remove these illusive ‘blocks’ often hidden behind the veil to the untrained eye, she’s able to free the stagnant energy which hinders growth, while re-establishing the steady flow of abundance that creates breakthroughs. She’s built an attractive reputation by saving her clients the cost of wasted time, energy, and resources while helping them redirect that energy to achieve greater success.  

Candice specializes in unlocking people’s gifts by awakening their divinity and true life purpose. She trains Psychic Mediums all over the world and assists women in awakening their divine feminine powers while helping men become more powerful manifesters.

She currently travels abroad hosting transformational events around the globe; From co-facilitating Breathwork Detox events in expos headlined by Deepak Chopra, to hosting her own psychic retreats in exotic locations, her teachings are far-reaching and highly sought after.

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