Humans often find ourselves in a futile fight to control the outcome and circumstances of our lives. Of course we all want to make the best effort we can to achieve, obtain, and experience the life that we want. However, it isn’t possible to have complete power over the way things turn out. It’s also no fun to rage against what is, the things we cannot change, almost believing that if we obsess over it enough or condemn something enough, it will turn in our favor. If it can’t be accepted it must be changed, if it can’t be just it must be accepted. That lack of ultimate acceptance of what is in our live causes infinite grief, struggle and discontent.

In this Identify & Heal solo episode, I offer some thoughts on why it can be so hard not to resist what is and to be able to accept things just as they are. I delve into the challenge of feeling that something that happened or that we did was truly a mistake and learning to open ourselves to make the shift into a place of having no preference for anything other than exactly what is.

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