Hello Everyone! This Divine Feminine solo episode focuses on Taking The Big Call! Opening ourselves to the guidance of the Universe, Spirits, Intuition, Higher Self, Source…whatever you want to call it, I promise you it is out there and available to you! This episode also serves as a bit of a show/personal life update as I am hitting the road again and returning to nomad life at the time this episode is released.

In this episode I’ll share my take on what exactly constitutes the “Big Call” as well as my personal experiences with it and other incidences of synchronicities, coincidences, serendipity, & fortuity. I also offer some ways to open ourselves to this guidance and the various forms and avenues through which it can reach us. Then I offer up some info on the new adventure I’m about to embark upon and plans for the show going forward!

Seth Speaks, Jane Roberts; https://www.amberallen.com/product/books/seth-speaks/

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards, https://www.hayhouse.com/wisdom-of-the-oracle-divination-cards

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