These Divine Feminine episodes are having an Astrology based streak that continues on and ain’t stopping! This week we’re talking about the Mercury Retrograde which begins today, April 1st 2024 and continues to April 25th. And of course it begins in the midst of an eclipse sandwich as we are making our way through the 2nd week between the Lunar and Solar eclipses. Holy wow, the energy is a LOT and can be very unpredictable & unexpected is all I have to say. That’s what I’ve already seen since the Lunar eclipse, how about you??

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I share a bit about this Mercury Retrograde in Aries arriving during eclipse season. As with all Mercury Retrogrades we want to watch our words, be mindful of communication, avoid signing any contracts or making any major purchases if we can, and allow ourselves to PAUSE before we act, speak, or make decisions as this will benefit us in the long term. Although though the Aries energy will encourage us to rush! Maybe not a smooth path during this time yet definitely an important one!

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