The overwhelming levels of abuse against Women currently & historically is deeply devastating to all of us who wish for greater security & peace for Females. So often those who have incurred abuse or assault are never able to pursue justice or healing because they are too afraid to speak out about it. This is why today’s guest is such a remarkable & noble individual. We all can do our part to encourage & support Women yet Alreen Haeggquist defends them as a lawyer. Alreen Haeggquist wakes up each day with a fervent passion to advocate for women who suffer from sexual abuse, harassment, or discrimination. As a lawyer with 21 years of experience, she has recovered millions of dollars for clients in cases involving sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Alreen has an unwavering commitment to not allow wealth, power, influence, or status to exempt anyone from the rules of society.

On today’s guest episode, Alreen illuminates the path of moving from silence, fear, & shame to liberation & victory. Alreen’s shares her personal story of being abused to helping the abused & moving on to offer ways to heal from trauma caused by sexual violence. She also tells us why speaking out against sexual abuse matters, how silence is the biggest gaslight of all, & how to stand up against your abuser.

Alreen‘s father was a terrifying presence who subjected her to sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. Despite knowing, her mother remained silent. Darkness loomed within Alreen, leading to depression and multiple suicide attempts. She remained quiet out of fear and shame, never telling a soul. Typical victim behavior. Motivated by the pains of her childhood, Alreen became a lawyer in order to stand up for victims of abuse. She
founded her own firm, Haeggquist & Eck, LLP, in San Diego in 2008, which has helped hundreds of other women stand up for themselves. Alreen has challenged high-profile entities including The Salk Institute, Trader Joe’s, Kaiser Permanente, the San Diego Sheriff‘s Department, and a President-elect. Alreen’s core message is that, as a society, we need to break the silence and help women stand up to their
abusers. In 2023, she broke her own silence and published her story in the book, Fired Up: Fueling Triumph from Trauma.

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