Tarot came into my life very unexpectedly, as it often does for many Spiritual seekers. When we announce our willingness to open ourselves to our psychic, metaphysic, and energetic abilities we will find that new tools and gifts will come into our path. Tarot cards are one of these tools. Tarot’s earliest recorded history dates back to 1400’s where Tarot was developed originally as a game. As time went on it became a Divination tool which we use today to explore energetic guidance and insight about our lives. Made up of 78 cards, Tarot is thought to represent the Game of Life, starting with The Fool and culminating with The World. All the cards in between represent the various twist and turns of our journey through life. 

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I take a swing at offering a mini Tarot 101 course to share my understanding of its history, the meaning of the 78 cards which make up the Major and Minor Arcanas of the deck, and my thoughts on the value and benefits of tarot.

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