Inspired by a conversation this week, I’ve been thinking about some Buddhist concepts about life. Samsara, Kharma, & Dharma. Samsara meaning the cycles of life; birth, death, and rebirth. Karma being action driven by intention (cetanā) which leads to future consequences. Or cause and effect. Consequences of actions. And Dharma referring to a place of righteousness where we have freed ourselves from these cycles of Samsara and Karma. These terms coming up in my conversation struck me because I’ve been thinking more about the specific lessons I came into this life time to learn and taking time to notice when they show up and how and where I’m continuing to fail them.

On this week’s Identify & Heal solo episode, I thought I’d bring you all on track with my current focus of learning to recognize repeating patterns that keep showing up in my life. Considering how to begin making changes and choices to finally break the cycle. To no longer indulge in self defeating thoughts or fall into the rabbit hole of fixating on past mistakes or “if only” scenarios. I feel ready to break free and see what’s on the other side of the karmic wheel. And if you’re here, you probably are too so lets do this.

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