What do you really want out of love, relationships, sex, intimacy, & connection? Far too often we neglect asking ourselves these questions and instead fall in line with standard norms and expectations. There’s no right or wrong way to be in union with others. However, there are MANY ways to do so and we do ourselves a disservice by not listening to the call of our heart for what we truly desire.  International Best-Selling Author, Intuitive and Conscious Relationship Coach, Carrie Jeroslow, joins me on the show this week to delve into the vast possibilities that exist to experience relationships. In her work, Carrie teaches people the tools to relate consciously to themselves and others. She believes that when we learn and accept who we truly are, we are able to be more authentic in our relationships with others. This authenticity brings an unparalleled sense of joyfulness and fulfillment to our lives as a whole.

On this episode, Carrie and I have a fun exploration of all the various relationship possibilities, how we can connect with what we really want, and how to begin letting go of societies expectations for us and instead celebrate our own unique nature.

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In 2022, Carrie began her podcast, Relationship Diversity Podcast, where she aims to explore, question, and celebrate all aspects of relationship structure diversity. This is an inclusive space, giving people the permission to design their unique relationships from the knowledge and acceptance of their unique selves.

She has been seen on NBC, PBS, The CW, featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Winston Salem Journal, Prevention and Newsweek, and has been interviewed by Marianne Williamson, Go All In TV, The ListTV, and many others to discuss the ideas in her coaching, as well as in her first book, Why Do They Always Break Up with Me? 

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