When it comes to making major life decisions, like what type of relationship we want and who we want to have them with, the quickest way do so is by connecting with your true inner self. There you can find the answers unaffected by societal expectations, judgement, or fear. Yet how can we gain access to that part of our selves that hold such great clarity? Lisa Melendy is a lifestyle coach who guides her clients in doing the inner work to find true alignment in their relationships with self and others as well as with the environment and the World at large. In her own life Lisa practices non-monogamy and non-traditional family creation. She provides unique insight into this lifestyle and explains how it can only can only be done with a strong sense of self respect, worth, and awareness.

On this episode Lisa and I explore building new paradigms around relationships, the conventional ideas around what a relationship or partnership “should be”, and how to begin trusting in Universal laws to achieve goals and act on your purpose.

Lisa offers deep relief to her clients without feeling left like they’ve been run over by a truck. 10 years of experience has taught her a lot about the body and mind. Through massage, mindfulness, yoga, and coaching she creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, perfect for healing and relaxation. Lisa works with clients to build new paradigms around relationships, most usually around monogamy and our cultural norms around what a relationship “should” be.



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