Spring has arrived! (In the Northern Hemisphere) Or Fall for my lovely Southern Hemisphere folks. Either way, we have come to the time of equal hours of daylight and night. Balance. New life, emergence, blossoming, sunshine, awakening are all themes of Spring yet lets not forget the significance of honoring balance at the time of the sacred Equinox. Stepping into the bright, longer days of Spring can be energizing yet we want to be mindful not to race in too quickly. The theme from this episode definitely came to be; gently emerging into the light.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I offer my take and insights on the Spring Equinox of 2024 which also brings with it Aries season, Eclipse season, & a Mercury Retrograde among other things. So how may we best ready ourselves for these heightened energies and work with the extended hours of sunlight and productivity? How may we take time on the Equinox to honor cycles and commune with Nature? Observing the life that is emerging from the hibernation of Winter; animals, plants, flowers, blooming trees. Taking time to take it all in and celebrate this season of New Life. 

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