Taking care of your body is essential in order to feel your best and to have longevity in your health. However, taking care of your body may not always look like you think it does. Every single person’s body, genetics, and internal systems are different meaning the best diet and exercise plan differs between individuals. It may seem easier to just jump on the latest fads or flashy offerings, yet taking the time to explore your own personal best fit has long-term benefits for the rest of your life. On the show this week I welcome Physical Therapist and dear friend, Dr. Jennifer Sylvester. Dr. Jen explains the importance of listening to your body, taking preventative action to reduce injury and damage to the body, and creating balance and healthy habits to enable improved aging.

On this episode, Jen and I talk about the temptation to push our bodies to a certain size and shape or to aim for extreme fitness goals when what matters most is what suits you best, mentally and physically, and what is sustainable. As well as focusing on body acceptance and embracing ourselves as we are without condition. Jen also shares about the power of consistency over intensity to form a more loving relationship with our bodies, how to develop your physical and mental health, and achieve long-term success.

Dr. Jennifer Sylvester, Doctor of Physical Therapy, started her private practice in 2014 providing concierge physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and wellness services in Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz. In the past 3 years she moved her business almost entirely online, teaching weekly virtual fitness classes, leading educational workshops and events, and providing telehealth physical therapy throughout California. While traveling, she has the opportunity to provide in-person physical therapy to patients throughout California, with concierge treatments in their homes or workplaces, and aquatic therapy at private or public pools. Dr. Jen focuses on customizing treatments to match each patient’s unique lifestyle. She works with the patient to create a personalized whole-body plan for exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness that empowers the patient to take control of their own health and wellbeing. 

Learn more about Dr. Jen’s classes and services at www.DrJenPT.com or email her at DrJen@JenniferSylvesterDPT.com

IG: @jennifersylvesterdpt