I said it was coming and here it is! As a follow up to last week’s episode on Love Addiction I’m offering the antidote; a Love Detox! After breaking down how love addiction can develop when we’re seeking to have unmet needs, insecurities, fears, or wounds healed by a romantic connection, I now share how we can kick the habit by taking a break & abstaining from unhealthy, toxic, destructive love relationships.

On this Identify and Heal solo episode, I explain my idea of a two-fold process for a Love Detox. Step 1: We can choose, once we’ve gone through enough pain, suffering, heartbreak, and grief from love addiction to finally get sober. In order to get sober we have to first detox the drugs out of our system. I share how we can start by abstaining from any form of dating, sexual intimacy or relationships to take the time we need to heal and get back to ourselves. Then in step two, we do the work to begin truly loving, honoring, and respecting ourselves enough that we’re rising up from low level connections towards high quality, true, nourishing, healthy experiences of love.

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