Unhealthy relationships. Inconsistent people. Drugs and alcohol. Food. Sex. Love. Attention. Have you ever been drawn to something that wasn’t for your highest good? Something that might feel good in the moment by supplying you with the attention, confirmation, approval, peace, pleasant feeling, love, or oblivion that you’re seeking yet leaves you feeling empty and depressed? Being attracted to things that are not good for us is a result of not truly experiencing love for ourselves. We then become seduced and attracted to things that promise to offer the very thing we cannot give ourselves. Yet because it’s a quick, cheap, easy fix it will not last and takes us off our path of Divine Feminine sovereignty, knowing our value and worth inherently without needing anything external to prove it.

On this episode I share my new mantra; I release attraction to anything that is not love. Meaning I’m letting go of following the pull to pursue people, places or things that are not on my path of love and lead me on a detour to feeling deflated. I offer other empowering mantras as well to keep as your guiding light to reach the codependency free life you may be seeking.

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