Have you ever thought you might be psychic? I have a secret to tell you, YOU ARE!! We are ALL psychic. Additional senses are as real, common, and inherent to the human experience as the conventional 5. There are actually 8 psychic senses (perceptions unseen) which are referred to as the Clairs, the pre-fix to each one which means, clear. So for example Clairaudience means Clear- Hearing, the psychic ability to hear message or sounds that offer guidance. Psychic abilities help us tap into the ever-present, infinite flow of information, guidance and insight that is always available too us. Some say the Clairs are ways we connect with our Higher Self, Angels, and Spiritual Guides to connect us with our Soul Path leading to greater fulfillment in relationships, self love, and abundance.

On this episode I will walk through and describe all 8 psychic Clairs, give examples, personal experiences, and share how you can begin honing and playing with YOUR own psychic powers! Below are the full set of the 8 Clairs. 

The 8 Clares:

Clairvoyant: Clear Seeing
Clairaudience: Clear Hearing
Clairsentience: Clear Feeling
Claircognizance: Clear Knowing
Clairempathy: Clear Empathy
Clairalience: Clear Smelling
Clairgustance: Clear Taste
Clairtangence: Clear Touch

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