Somatic therapy is a beautiful offering that gives due recognition to the importance of stored trauma and other emotions in the body. 

It has extensive benefits which my guest this week, Maira Holzmann, knows all about. Maira is a body-based, somatically trained trauma therapist specializing in helping adults heal from childhood trauma. She shares with us about benefits of somatics in leadership, the power of attunement: what it is, what it does and how to start practicing, and how to leverage somatics to promote transformation

On this episode, Maira and I get into a powerful conversations around embodiment as a path to empowerment, manifesting abundance, how we can regress to the age of a child when an unmet wound comes up, and how to have the courage to face and release the things that most haunt us.

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Maira Holzmann, LCSW, is committed to the vision of ending the consequences of trauma from being passed onto future generations, she understands the importance of including the body as an ally in the healing process. Maira runs a group psychotherapy practice called Somatic Therapy Partners (STP) whose focus is on healing the nervous system, nurturing resilience, and increasing a client’s healthy connection with their body. She believes that the mind and body are one and that when mind and body are integrated and regulated, capacity for service and spiritual growth expands.

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