As we come out of the energy of this past weekend’s Virgo Full Moon there might be a sense that it’s time to clean house. Time to get organized, clear out clutter, and evaluate how we want to invest out time. Virgo’s are good at getting down to business and finding efficient paths towards a task. Virgo’s also can be over analytical & have a critical eye. With that being said, you may find yourself feeling ready for an overhaul of your environment & schedule while also bombarded by anxiety about your past and how you’ll move into the future.

On this Divine Feminine Solo episode I share about how we can shift away from a sense of uneasiness believing that something we did or a situation we’re currently in is not OK. Then we can move into a place of knowing that we are always OK. That regardless of something we may have done in the past or a way we have behaved, a decision we’ve made, or something we’ve said we are still deserving of acceptance & forgiveness, especially from ourselves.

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