It’s a remarkable feat to make a movie. There is a WHOLE lotta work that goes into that process. My out-of-this-World guest this week, Dana Kipple, not only made a movie she also wrote the script and starred in it!  And to add extra points… it’s spiritually, esoteric, and healing based. Heck ya. It’s also a lot of fun & thought-provoking so really, you just need to see Dana’s awesome movie, Reflect. Dana is a Director, Writer, Actor, and Producer living in Los Angeles, CA. She infuses her metaphysical beliefs into every film she makes & loves anything about futurism, mythology, philosophy, poetry, speculative fiction, and ancient language

On this guest episode Dana gives us the down-low on what her movie, Reflect, is really about and how her experiences in life both shaped the script and inspired her desire to speak on the shadow aspects of life that we all walk through. We get deep into metaphysical concepts, our shared affinity for Aliens, the challenges of dating as an enlightened being in the making, & our predictions for the very remarkable years and decades to come. 

Dana is an avid advocate for Neurodivergence and Mental Health awareness. Her mission is to use the medium of film and books to inspire people to look inside themselves, realize their true power, and enhance their curiosity, connection, and self-love. Her artistic style is Picturesque, Naturalistic, Whimsical, and Metaphysical. Each moment carries a whisper of magic. Her expertise is in Grounded Sci-fi, Drama, and Comedy. Dana has a background in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Mathematics and Science. She brings her own struggles with addiction, mental health, and self-love into the stories she tells. Dana is also currently authoring a book on Plasma Intelligence and the Metaphysics of Plasma. – Here you can find the links to Amazon, Apple TV and Vudu to watch Reflect. 

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