What does freedom mean to you? It’s a pertinent question to ask yourself as the year draws to an end and we consider, what do I want to be free of in 2024 that has been holding me back? To be free is to not be limited. Limited by your fears, beliefs, doubts, insecurities. The more free we are the more we are able to enjoy life just as it is. And isn’t that the goal of moving into our Divine Feminine? This week’s guest would say, YES! Lorraine Nilon is an author, Soul Intuitive®, Insightful Life Coach, Emotional and Spiritual Mentor, and Philosopher. Her true passion lies in unravelling the mysteries of human nature and overcoming barriers to genuine self-understanding. With a wealth of experience, Lorraine has refined her expertise in nurturing a profound connection with the inner self. 

On this episode, Lorraine shares with us about the importance of self-reflection, dealing with our emotions for personal and spiritual growth, & her 7 steps to the Evolution process – acknowledgement, exploration, Active participation, dynamic self-awareness, unification, integration, being. Together Lorraine and I share our perspectives on how we can set ourselves free and break away from the addiction to victimhood to become your own greatest inspiration.

Lorraine Nilon, an esteemed Australian author with a multitude of awards, calls regional New South Wales home. Her diverse talents span various roles, including being a recognized Soul Intuitive®, Insightful Life Coach, Emotional and Spiritual Mentor, and Philosopher. Lorraine’s journey has unfolded over two decades, marked by a deep exploration of spirituality and self-discovery.

The extension of her personal awareness can be found in her podcast, Lorraine Nilon’s Spiritual Explorer, where she delves into the realms of self-help, recovering from trauma – narcissistic and childhood abuse, spiritual and personal growth, self-help alongside other authors in these genres. Beyond the literary realm, Lorraine derives joy from shared laughter and engaging conversations about life, emotions, and the fundamental truth of our existence as souls.

Spirituality, Evolution & Awakened Consciousness – https://geni.us/vEhN

Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence –  https://geni.us/kwUDcn


WEBSITE: https://lorrainenilon.com.au


YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/@lorrainenilon