I hope everyone is enjoying their Yuletide! This luxuriating week between Christmas and New Years where days seem to blend together and we enjoy less structure and more leisure. Well, most of us at least, hopefully! We may get the chance to read some of the books we received as gifts, savor holiday leftovers, spend time with family, or just plain do nothing at all. A brief & delightful reprieve before it starts up all over again.

On this last Identify & Heal solo episode of 2023, I offer an activity or two (only if you’re up for it!) to take some time and reflect on the past year. What was accomplished, gained, learned, lost, mourned, celebrated, shared, feared, enjoyed? Each year holds so many beautiful facets which help us grow, evolve, and love more. I wanted to give a bit of encouragement to take a moment and revel in all that 2023 has been for you, or maybe even how every year of your whole LIFE has been with a full life review! Because you are an incredible soul and the more we acknowledge our progress the greater our capacity to keep climbing. 

Feel free to reach out to me to see how we can work together and send your questions, feedback, and requests for future solo episodes here: 

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