There is a time in the life of every problem where it is big enough to see yet small enough to solve.”

“Tension is who you think yu should be, relaxation is who you are.”

We’re right on the verge of bounding into full fledged Summer. Entering into June! Hello longer days and sunshine (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere! Love to my Southern Hemisphere folk <3) And with these more relaxed, (hopefully) drawn out days, you might find a little more space to contemplate what may be beneficial to remove from your life. They may only be little things yet you might consider if they have the potential to grow into something that could be an undesirable presence. Be it a habit, tendency, relationship, friendship, mental loops, or self defeating thoughts.

On this Identify & Heal Solo episode I share my thoughts on what it means to weed the garden of our lives and how identifying small things that could potentially become big deterrents from our alignment can help us to avoid frustrating situations. I speak to my experience of realizing budding issues in my life in the past, finding myself not being able to remove them, & how it taught me to be more aware in the future. I throw in a few humorous anecdotes as well when it comes to letting go of connections that aren’t for us & recognizing a questionable weed.

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