Feng Shui is a well known concept that has been popularized throughout the World. One of the greatest contributors to the spreading of this awareness is my guest this week, the fabulous Marie Diamond a transformational leader, star of the major network TV show Feng Shui Your Life, bestselling author, and expert teacher on the Law of Attraction and Feng Shui. She is an Energy Master and was featured in the worldwide phenomenon The Secret. Not only has she been a strong force in educating people on how to utilize Feng Shui to create the life of their dreams, she also has a fascinating life story and works within many other realms of personal enlightenment.

On this week’s guest episode, Marie offers a fun and thorough run down of how Fung Shui works, how it came into her life, and how everyone can utilize it to improve all areas of their lives. Marie tells us the role Feng Shui plays in the Law of Attraction, the biggest misconceptions surrounding Feng Shui, her personal Feng Shui journey, what Personal Energy Numbers are, how Feng Shui helped her get into The Secret, and the advice she has for someone at the start of their Feng Shui journey.

After a near-death experience as a teenager, Marie Diamond, has made it her mission to enlighten 500 million people with her teachings and wisdom. A “seer” in the modern context, Marie merges her profound intuitive knowledge with her extensive studies of quantum physics, Feng Shui, and meditation to help her students attract financial success, improved health, long-lasting relationships, and spiritual growth.

Marie has taught more than one million students over the last 30 years and has spoken in more than 30 different countries. She has published best-selling online courses with MindValley, Learning Strategies, Younity, and the Shift Network. She is also a founding member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council and is both founder and president of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Marie is a business and spiritual mentor to celebrities, CEOs, and top entrepreneurs alike. 

Learn More About Marie & Her Work Here:


• Feng Shui Your Life: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Your Home to Attract the Life of Your Dreams

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Discover a fresh, new approach to Feng Shui in the form of the phenomenally effective Personal Energy Number system. With each chapter devoted to a different Personal Energy Number, you’ll learn unique tips and tricks that will help you to quickly and effortlessly manifest the life of your dreams.


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