So…what’s your sign? Zodiac signs and horoscopes have long been apart of our culture yet astrology is an ancient tradition that is much more complex than most people realize. Astrology is intricate and fascinating and has been used for guidance and insight for eons. Whether you’re well versed or clueless on the subject, Astrologer and tarot card reader, Deborah Beckwin, joins us on this episode for a very fun and thorough exploration of what astrology is and how we can use it to greater understand ourselves and changes in life and on the planet. Deborah and I have a great time breaking down everything from natal charts to planetary retrogrades and Deborah even offers horoscopes for each sign for the month ahead!

Deborah Beckwin is an astrologer, tarot reader, and Reiki practitioner based in the Seattle area. When she’s not involved in the esoteric, she helps mental health professionals and other businesses with their content as a content and brand strategist.

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