In the symphony that is life, every single instrument is of equal and optimal importance. Without every note played, the full musical expression cannot be created. So how do we find the courage and confidence to put our own unique voice and vision out into the world? Speaking and Leadership coach, Lauri Smith, is here to offer guidance and share how she has helped countless individuals step into their most intuitive, courageous self. Her joy comes in helping people find their voice, stand in their power and speak their truth by day. She call others forth to share their message and sing their life’s greatest song.  On the show, we have an uplifting conversation around what it means to be seen and heard, what holds us back from stepping out, and how to allow our charismatic, divine voice project out to reach our audience. 

Lauri Smith is an intuitive public speaking and leadership coach. She helps visionaries on a soul-driven mission to stand in their power, speak their truth and Lead. Lauri is the CVO (Caring Visionary Officer) of Voice Matters and the author of Your Voice Matters: A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts. Her mission is to call forth more open-hearted leaders so they can do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity and courage. She envisions a world in which everyone shares the vibration of their soul’s purpose with the world through their voices and together, we reach global harmony.

Lauri can always see the soul underneath the static – which makes her really good at motivating people to fight their inner demons and find tremendous inner power.

She loves coffee, dark chocolate and red wine (and she’s incredibly picky about all three.) Lauri is busy living her Carpe Diem life in San Francisco, California with her soulmate.

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