There are certain experiences in life which very few people ever experience. One of which is reaching the top of their chosen field or finding elite status in sports or entertainment. Even more rare is when gaining high levels of achievement, notoriety, or fame bring us to a Spiritual redirection. My guest this week is one of those rarities. Bret Lockett is a transformative love and relationship coach, renowned speaker, and entrepreneur dedicated to guiding individuals to deep intimacy and authentic connection. Through focused & committed athleticism, Bret played for the NFL which ultimately led him to have a keen understanding of the value of the Soul over the Ego.

On this guest episode Bret shares about his unique journey through life from professional sports, facing shame & regret, and then to DMT & gaining a new understanding of reality. Bret and I had a lot of fun comparing spiritual perspectives & our ‘boundaries” with how “far out” we’re willing to go with mind bending concepts. Bret shares his knowledge of the Gene Keys, Hermetic Principles, & breathwork. His overall message is to inspire listeners to embrace their true essence, awakening their potential and the love within.

Bret Lockett is an adept in the metaphysical and esoteric realms, including the Hermetic principles and the Chinese, I Ching, Bret is a modern-day alchemist who facilitates life transformations. His approach uniquely synthesizes ancient wisdom with cutting-edge insights from paradigms such as Gene Keys, a transformative system for growth using your DNA, breathwork, and other methodologies to access superhuman abilities to rebalance energies and catalyze profound personal growth. Drawing on his evolution from an NFL athlete to a spiritual guide, Bret inspires resilience and radical change. Through Lockett Consulting and strategic partnerships with thought leaders such as The Flow Research Collective, he empowers people and businesses to discover their purpose and thrive consciously. Bret’s mission is rooted in love, aiming to elevate well-being and unlock the highest potential within humanity through love.

You can learn more about Bret’s work and connect with him here:

IG: @bret_lockett