Happy February Everyone! How is 2024 treating you so far? We’re on to the 4th Sword as I continue the 8 Swords of self-entrapment series. My choice for this week is the sword of Comparison. Comparing myself to others has been a long fought battle in my life and felt like a mental prison for many years that I couldn’t break out from. I know I’m not alone as I’ve heard so many friends, clients, colleagues and really most people will echo the same struggle especially now in the age of social media and phones in our hands 24/7.

On this Identify & Heal Solo episode, I share some thoughts on why comparison can be so detrimental to our wellbeing and self concept. How focusing on our own gifts and abilities and not straying from our unique path by looking to what others are doing is the key to fulfillment and success. It can be very painful to measure ourselves against everyone we see, so let’s pull that sword out, shall we?

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