The Women Waken podcast has always consisted of interview style episodes (65 so far to be exact!) in an effort to bring to light the remarkable work that so many brilliant healers and lightworkers are doing. This time, I’m mixing it up a little and having a guest return to go deeper into a particular topic related to their work. The first of many more to come in this and other engaging styles. Thank you for checking it out, I hope you’ll continue to join me on this podcasting journey!

The purpose of this shift is that I believe there is great importance in speaking about the things that are impacting society and the lives of many of its citizens. To have conversations around controversial topics to allow truthful and honest explorations of what is being observed, how it’s affecting others, and what might be done to address the concern. To kick off these exploratory episodes I have the legendary, Veronica Monet, to discuss Narcissism. 

Narcissism is a sensitive topic right now as it has become a term that is frequently thrown around and launched at others in an accusatory fashion. However, it can be an appropriate concern for those in romantic or work relationships or friendships that seem to have become unhealthy, controlling, and potentially dangerous. It is also a topic of discussion in psychology and mental health circles as professionals in the field discuss whether personality disorders, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, should remain as a formal diagnosis in the DSM. So what is Narcissism? When is it seen as a personality disorder versus a character trait? Is it something developed over time? Are some people born with it? Many questions and conversations revolve around the topic so Veronica and I decided to reunite on the show and have an episode dedicated to Narcissistic Abuse.

We start our discussion with Veronica sharing about her recent certification as an Internal Family Systems Informed (IFS) Relationship Coach and how IFS helps to shed light on the trait of narcissism and how it can be addressed in a healthy and compassionate way. We then move into an expansive conversation around narcism; how to identify the  different types, what narcissistic abuse looks like, and how to heal from that abuse whether it happened in childhood or as ana adult.

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Veronica Monet is on a mission to empower and elevate others in their most intimate relationships, including their connection to self. She helps people from all walks of life to heal shame and sexual trauma so they can rebirth their emotional and sexual reality to be an authentic expression of their deepest truths. She is able to bring inspiration and insight from my own journey to spiritual and sexual empowerment because I have personally healed from addiction, abuse, and sexual assault. After many years of struggle, she eventually unlocked the secrets to her spiritual and sexual sovereignty and now enjoys an amazing, elevating, exciting and magical reality.

As an Internal Family Systems Informed (IFS) Relationship Coach, Certified Sexologist, Anger Specialist and Trained Rape and Domestic Violence Counselor, Veronica bring a rich array of expertise to my coaching practice. And as a sex positive activist she has been featured on a variety of platforms including CNN, FOX, Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, Yale, Stanford and the New York Times. Her first book, Sex Secrets of Escorts (Penguin 2005) has been translated into four languages and you can find her articles on many online platforms including Medium.

Visit Veronica’s website to learn more about my Exquisite Partnership Formula™, join the Erotic Empowerment Zone and check out my YouTube channel.