There is an undeniable power that exists when we’re in the midst of an addiction or binge eating disorder. An abundance of energy that doesn’t know how to be expressed so it is channeled in the form of these unhealthy disorders. Yet what if there is a way to use this energy in a healthier more empowered way? Kayla Van Egdom is on a mission to help others make this shift. Kayla is a health coach, energy healer, author, and podcaster who is on a mission to help liberate women everywhere from food prison and body shame. On her show, the Slay & Thrive podcast, Kayla inspires her listeners on how to make this shift with a beautiful concept which she calls the The 3 Core Principals. Kayla shares about these core principles on the show as well as her story of struggling with weight and binge eating starting when she was seven years old. She spent two decades trying to fix her weight and food issues by treating herself like a problem that needed to be solved. She even became a personal trainer, thinking that would be the solution. The true solution was doing the deep inner work and choosing to use her challenges with body image and emotional eating as a catalyst for deep, personal transformation. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the last seven years and has helped women heal their relationship with food through her coaching and signature programs.

On this episode, Kayla and I get pretty raw with our personal experience of binge eating, exploring sexuality and using sex as a tool to feel powerful, and how we’ve come to find greater peace and a better relationship with ourselves and our bodies by moving from an outward focus to an inward journey of spirituality. 

You can connect with Kayla on IG and find her podcast here:
IG: @kaylavanegdom