Shame is an insidious force. Born of fear, embarrassment, and regret, shame festers in our emotional bodies to create core false beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs then guide our actions and create insecurities, doubts, low self-esteem which can lead to the development of addictions, unhealthy cycles, and destructive behavior. Do you see how powerful of a force that shame can be? The damage it can cause? This is why it’s so important to identify and heal our shame based beliefs and wound in order to truly experience our Divine Feminine radiance.

On this week’s guest episode I welcome my lovely friend, Eleni Mita. I had the wonderful experience of being a guest on both of her podcasts. We’re very aligned in our feelings and views around the human potential to heal and thrive. Eleni is the Author of “Mindset Dominance” & the upcoming Book “The Ego Exposed”. She is the Podcast Host of “The Shame Game” & “Soul Sisters Get Real”. Eleni shares with us why she chose to focus on shame in her work and how she helps spread the message that there is hope and that we all deserve the chance to be free from the past, to release shame, and find great joy in our lives. 

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Eleni Mita Founder of HypnoFit the World’s only Global Hypnotherapy Clinic with 21 Clinics across the Globe Eleni Mitas had a spiritual awakening in her 53rd year where she awakened to the divine download that her identity and her achievements were firmly attached to an Ego Identity. This Ego Identity was shown as a programmed conditioned State that was not the highest expression of her soul. Eleni gave away her money, stopped most of her business activities, simplified her life, and has been shedding the many layers of programming ever since. Eleni now lives by the ocean & is totally in love with her newly aligned magical life. Eleni’s mission is to inspire you to open your heart and follow your soul’s calling so that you too can fall madly in love with yourself and your life too.

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Podcasts: The Shame Game, Soul Sisters Get Real, Galactic Guidance

Instagram: eleni_mitas
Facebook: EleniHeartLeader
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