Developing consistent practices that are beneficial to the mind, body, and soul are imperative to optimal wellbeing and joy. Yoga and Life Couch, Kerstin Phillips, emphasizes the importance of journaling, affirmations, and body/mind connection in her work with clients. On this episode, Kerstin and I discuss the power of journaling and how putting our thoughts onto paper can aid greatly in working through doubts, concerns, fears, and the understanding of our feelings. As a yoga teacher, Kerstin shares how she emphasizes mindfulness and how our thoughts are effecting how we feel in our body. We also explore the value of affirmations and what it means to connect with your calling and how to notice when things feel off in life because we’re making decisions based on the expectations of others rather than on our own desires. 

Kerstin Phillips is a Certified Yoga & Life Coach and Founder of Love and Live Wellness where she guides women and non-binary folx out from the shadows so they can embrace their true selves and feel confident in their decisions because everyone is valuable and no one deserves to be overlooked.

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