There is nothing that is outside of Source, Divine, the Universe, whichever term you choose to use. And there isn’t only one way that Source or the Divine can be imagined or visioned. That’s because it is everything! He, She, It, Human, Animal, Plant, Ocean, Sky. Yet every different form has a different part of the essence to offer. That is exactly what the concept of the Divine Feminine is about! A different part of the whole that can be expressed at this time, on our planet, to allow for harmony, balance, and peace. Sounds pretty out there yet it’s the stuff that women like Kathleen Joan and I could talk about all day! Kathleen is a  Spiritual Director, Reiki Healer, and Priestess of the Divine Feminine and she inspires others to honor their oneness with all that is sacred. SShe helps people integrate the feminine within them into their spirituality – no matter your gender identity! We have an amazing conversation about her upbringing in Catholicism, moving into a more spiritual based faith, and embracing the concepts of the Goddess. She believes the Goddess lives in all of us, and our diversity reflects Her infinite beauty! 

Kathleen Joan is a priestess of Brigid committed to the resurrection of the Divine Feminine, especially within her own Catholic Christian tradition.  She holds Master’s degrees in theology and ministry and has over 10 years’ ministry experience, including directing retreats, teaching classes on religion and spirituality, and leading small group spiritual communities.  She offers Reiki energy healing and spiritual direction for all genders, as well as women’s circles and retreats, to help you claim your sacredness in the image of the Divine Mother and take your place in the Great Rebalancing that is happening in today’s world.  

You can learn more about Kathleen Joan here!