Daniela Sulek did not plan to explore the limits of our reality when she first set out in her career in the corporate world. It was only through a Spiritual Awakening in disguise that she began to ask, ” who am I and am I really living my true purpose?” Now as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, she has brought a leading-edge concept of applied neurophysiology, energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics and higher logic into her daily life creating massive physical, mental, and emotional shifts for herself and her clients. Daniela and I have a very energized and enthusiastic conversation about the nature of reality, our belief systems, why joy is the most important thing, and how we can transcend from a conditioned human to the consciousness of our true self. 

Daniela is a close confidant and mentor of the world’s most talented executives and entrepreneurs. She helps renowned leaders activate and integrate a permanent state of higher consciousness, so they experience the ease, joy, and fun of life. By transcending from creating by doing to creating by being, they are no longer bound by the conditioned mind, time, or space. They create experiences they desire. They also create massive impacts through effortless action from the unconditioned state of their being. About 1% of the world’s population functions primarily at this level of consciousness.

You can contact Daniel and learn more about her work here:

website: http://danielasulek.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/daniela.sulek/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielasulek/