Conscious Recovery is a fantastic, refreshing, and ground breaking look at the nature of addiction, its root causes, and ways to treat it. Conscious Recovery comes from the concept that we are all whole, perfect beings who are unharmable and that addiction is merely a way of trying to protect ourselves the best way we knew how given the tools we have. The world has TJ Woodward to thank for bringing these beautiful concepts to light. On this episode, I chat with TJ and his amazing collaborator, Dr. Jessica Byrd-Olmstead, with whom he teamed up with to write the Conscious Recovery Workbook for Teens. Dr. Jessica is an expert in addiction recovery and has worked extensively with clients across the life span including teens and their families. Both her and TJ are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about offering guidance and support to others on the path to personal acceptance and healing. As a group, the 3 of us can agree that one of our favorite words is freedom and that freedom is the essence of recovery. As 3 recovered addicts, we have a vibrant and excitable conversation around the experience of addiction, the path of healing, and the value in learning to know your true value and inherent worth no matter where life has taken us. 

TJ Woodward is a revolutionary recovery expert, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and addiction treatment specialist who has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings. He is the creator of The Conscious Recovery Method, which is a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction.

TJ is a featured thought-leader on along with Brené Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Mark Lundholm. He was given the honor of being ordained as an Agape minister by Dr. Michael Beckwith, and was also the founding minister of Agape Bay Area in Oakland, which was the first satellite community of The Agape International Spiritual Center in LA. 

Dr. Jessica Byrd-Olmstead is a licensed psychologist and entrepreneur dedicated to helping others transform their lives.  She has held multiple leadership positions in the behavioral health industry and is a trusted advisors in mental health technology space. Dr. Byrd has launched innovative programs for world-renowned technology and healthcare companies and is the CEO and Co-founder of AirBear, Inc. a startup focused on wellness in the travel experience. She also has a private practice in Silicon Valley providing psychotherapy, consultation, and training. Dr. Byrd is the co-author of the Conscious Recovery Workbook for Teens. 

 You can find out more about TJ and Jessica and their work here!