Is it really possible for the body to heal itself? Could it be true that if we just listened to and trusted our bodies a little more we would find that they are constantly giving us messages and telling us what they need and what’s wrong? My beautiful guest this week, Kinjal Shah, leads with the sentiment that at this time, the need to go inward is more important than ever. That we need to stop seeking outside ourselves and look within for the answers and our Sovereign truth. That if we do we can heal ourselves; Body, Mind, and Spirit. Kinjal is a yoga teacher and Wellness and Breathwork coach. She believes that yoga and its rich philosophy can help us heal or maintain our optimum health and offers ways to work with the Chakra system and crystals to do so. In her work, Kinjal shares how our relationship to food, pharmaceutical drugs, and digital devices impact or wellbeing an the importance of everyday mindfulness and self-care.

On this episode Kinjal and dig into the concept of consumption and the many forms it takes beyond just what we eat and drink. We also discuss learning to trust rather than fear the conditions and ailments in our bodies. To see them as guidance and signposts as to what were needing more or less of and to realize our bodies are not our to hurt or punish us. 

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Motivated by her own journey of healing from an autoimmune disorder, Kinjal started teaching yoga and wellness with the intention of sharing the practical benefits of yoga and how food can be medicine. Her style of teaching is suitable for everyone, including beginners, dancers, seniors, as well as more advanced students. She focuses on alignment with the goal of helping each body be in a state of ease and optimum performance. She also teaches breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness for busy professionals and is a wellness coach. In addition to group classes, she offers 1:1 (private) yoga sessions, corporate classes, workshops, and wellness coaching. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner and offer 1:1 reiki sessions and chakra healing.