There’s nothing like a relationship to test your ability to maintain self love and acceptance. Dating and relationships are very fertile ground for growth because they can bring up our deepest insecurities and force us to face them. We might feel self-doubt creeping in; the old stories we tell ourselves about what other’s actions must mean about what they think or feel about us, and further yet how we can feel about ourselves. Yet is this true? Is it fair or kind to ourselves to create negative correlations? Is that honoring ourselves? 

On this solo episode I offer a spin off of last week’s episode on unconditional self love and acceptance to share some tips on how to face situations that challenge our feelings of self acceptance and love. It’s amazingly freeing not to be tied to those chains of thinking and fearing the worst rather than always knowing our worth.

Join me in this video to learn about these tips to practice within dating situations to maintain self love and acceptance when assumptions come up based on the actions of others: 

  1. Pause
  2. Identify situation objectively
  3. Acknowledge disconnect / facts
  4. Identify self defeating thoughts
  5. Ask is that true? 
  6. Connect with your core self love

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