It’s often perceived that self love, confidence, and esteem is developed instantaneously & happens if we want it badly enough. The reality is that if we really want it we can have it ,yet it takes effort and focus. We must work to shift the patterns & beliefs that got us into the undesirable state of self criticism, depreciation, & loathing in the first place. My guest this week, Caleb Nelson, has made it his life’s work to inspire and coach people towards looking their best inside and out. To gain the discipline and devotion needed to achieve a state of love and appreciation for our bodies & souls.

On this episode, Caleb and I discuss the hurtles we experience to self acceptance and treating ourselves with kindness and respect. Caleb shares the guidance he offers his clients to become a person with such peace & clarity that they may be a better role model to others. How we can come to understand what success really means to us. He also tells of his experience growing up in a cult where ideas and beliefs were forced upon him and how this led him to release convention, discover his own beliefs, and find freedom through forgiveness.

Caleb Nelson is a Coach and host of the Naked Sunday Podcast. He helps people “Look Better Naked Inside and & Out.” In other words, he works with heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs to reclaim their time and energy, so they can be in harmony with their body and their life. Caleb believes in a holistic approach to wellness that aligns your health, relationships, and your work with your core values, and is inspired to serve those who want to build a brighter future, by being a better role model for their family, friends, organizations, and community.

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