Although many people may be tempted to disagree, there is a creative gift within each of us just waiting to be expressed fully in all its glory. Robin Reynolds is making it her life’s work to enable others to unleash their unique brand of creative magic. This is done through an alchemic process of releasing the bonds that hold us back and allowing our creative channels to open up and express the beauty of creation that lies within. On this episode, Robin and I have a broad and profound discussion around matters of personal creativity and the deep wounds, pain, and self doubt that keep them locked away within us. We explore the many different forms that creativity can manifest through us into the world such as art, humor, singing, dancing, writing, poetry, and how we can learn to tap into this energy rather than keep it stifled. Robin believes that creativity is powerful magic and is committed to helping women tap into their inner artists. Her career has included work as a chemist, a systems engineer, and in public health, but she is most proud of her work as an artist and creative coach. Her organization, Ink & Alchemy, is focused on deep creative work for the purpose of personal growth and transformation and supports women as they reconnect with their inner voices and become grounded in a creative practice to fill their lives with joy and passion.

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