Ok, hear me out here. I’m not making accusations, I just wanted to share some thoughts that came to me about being stuck in one dead end, dramatic relationship after the other. Intensity, passion, deceit, manipulation, confusion, ups & downs, on & on. I thought to record this episode when in a moment of nostalgia over an ex I realized that it’s impossible to have an unhealthy or “toxic” relationship where only one person is the toxic person at fault. Why? Because an emotionally healthy person would never stay in an toxic relationship. Period. Leading to the realization that it takes TWO to TOXIC.

On this Identify and Heal solo episode I further explain this concept of why entertaining situations or connections that are anything less than loving, honest, open, and healthy means being in a toxic relationship with yourself. Yes, I said it. And it’s a hard reality to face yet we only tolerate from others what we would tolerate doing to ourselves.  I share my personal experience in needing to break out of the cycle of tumultuous, insecure connections and recognizing my own part in it. I also offer some guidance & insight into why we fall into these cycles and how to break out for good.

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