It’s hard to imagine how we would get through life without laughter and comedy. With all the challenges, struggles, and tragedies it can be hard to stay in an uplifted mindset at times. It is often a healthy dose of comedy that can bring us to that state of lightness, joy, and pure relief from the burdens of life. My funny friend, JenX, can tell you all about the powerful and healing nature of comedy and how it has acted as a catalyst for growth and recovery in her life. After a divorce at 50, Jen’s life felt heavy and bleak. Until she got the inspiration to try stand up comedy, an unexpected avenue that restored her confidence and and joy in life. 

On this episode, Jen and I share the ways that comedy has impacted our lives and how it can act as an agent of relief, healing, and transmuting weighty and stifling emotions into laughter. Jen shares how comedy can even help us overcome trauma by twisting it into light-hearted jokes. We talk about the particular importance for Women nearing or in midlife to embrace and tap into their own unique brand of comedy to help find their voice and elevate their mood and confidence. Jen also offers some tips on how to find your 5-minute set and getting over stage fright!

As a Berkeley-educated acupuncturist who suddenly turned stand up comic at the age of 50, Jennifer found unexpected confidence and joy in finding her voice after a divorce.  Now she helps midlife women and other unlikely comedians to be bolder, marketable, and more memorable speakers through stand up comedy. She’ll be performing in the Burbank comedy festival next month and produces the monthly Sofa King Funny Show in San Diego.

Find Your Funny–Use the principles of stand up comedy to make your business visible, engaging, and successful!


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