Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been apart of a communal housing environment at some point in our lives. Whether it was our nuclear family home growing up, college dorms, or having roommates most of us have had a taste of shared living spaces. For many reasons, communal housing can be a beneficial alternative way of living that can decrease loneliness, reduce costs, and boost personal growth and human connection. Creating a more village or community type environment is a healthy way to learn to work with others, understand boundaries, and develop communication skills. Clearly, I’m a big proponent! Which is why I was very excited to have an old friend and colleague, Syd Fredrickson and her community partner, Zach, on the show this week to share greater insight into the multitude of advantages for people and the planet to start considering intentional communities.

On this episode, Syd and Zach share their personal experience and extensive knowledge about communal housing and  offer ways to explore potential opportunities for living the communal lifestyle!

Syd Fredrickson has lived most of her adult life in cooperative living groups, both urban & rural, and some of them identified as intentional communities. She has been a delegate to the FEC, a board member on the FIC and served multiple terms of service to the NICA board. Seattle Cooperative Housing Network is a spin-off of NICA. 

She has helped to start and advise several communities and used to run a consulting business called Under 1 Roof. She’s now working as an Affordable Housing Community Manager.   

Zachary has also lived most of his adult life in cooperative living groups. He plans events for the Seattle cooperative housing network.

Zachary is interested in activism, walkable cities, and how technology influences society. He organizes the Seattle chapter of the Humane League and works for a small tech company. 

Informational Links on Communal Housing:



Silvernest (for people over 50 mostly)  



“Seattle Cooperative Housing Network”https://www.facebook.com/groups/300309303650350