At a certain point in our lives, once we have identified our traumas and childhood conditioning and begun to heal, it becomes time to make deliberate choices in order to realize our true fulfillment and joy in life. We must overcome the fear of judgment and rejection and just do what we really believe in to remain aligned with what is true for us. Identifying and minimizing negative self talk and self doubt to step into our confidence and have that break through onto our highest path. My guest this week, Amy Wong, is an Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Always on Purpose. She has a lot to say about how people can learn to face the unknown, identify blind spots that get in the way of who we truly are, and finally get what we really want.

On this episode Amy and I get into how we can begin to realize that we are always whole and complete, overcome experiences that have challenged our sense of social and physical safety, and how we can step into our knowingness and unconditional love for ourselves. 

Amy Wong has an intense passion for helping people thrive and live into meaningful joy and satisfaction from living, leading and communicating without fear and false perception. She thrives on helping others live and lead on purpose. You can learn more about her and connect with her here:
IG @amyelizawong