Grief can be a very heavy and overwhelming emotion. It can seem to live within us, it’s own lifeforce that can’t be tamed. At times it may feel that grief may take us under or be with us forever. Yet there is more to grief than meets the eye. My guest this week, Annie McDonnell, is an acupuncturist, sound healing practitioner, and grief guide who teaches self-care practices to nurture tender hearts and cultivate resilience through the power of gentleness. 
talking points:
What are some common misconceptions about grief?
How is grief a physical as well as emotional experience?
Why is it important self-care to honor your grief?

Annie McDonnell helps clients in virtual sessions to get unstuck, tune into their creativity, and reconnect to inner calm. In addition to a free monthly collective grief circle, she offers one-on-one Grief Care sessions. To learn more about these offerings, as well as her upcoming self-paced digital course Finding Your Way Through Grief, she invites you to visit Website: 
@acupunctureannie on Instagram.