Do you ever think about what your dream life would look like? Go ahead. Take a moment. Does it involve traveling the world, meeting all kinds of people and seeing many different places, experiencing various lifestyles? One of the things that separates our actual life from our dream life is our mindset about it. Particularly a sense of lack or inability to have the means to live it. Yet is it really true that the life our dreams is out of reach? A common barrier to our dream life is money. Yet what would happen if we suddenly felt very comfortable, even powerful, in our relationship with money? And what would it take to get there? Vangile Makwakwa has found the answer and she now helps women of color heal ancestral money trauma so they can fall in love with their bank accounts, increase income and live their best lives. She is a an author, speaker, World traveler, wealth coach, and podcast host. 

On this episode, Vangile and I compare stories of life as a gypsy and dive into some of the core concepts of her work including dealing with our trauma through healing our inner-child, how learning about personal finance only is not enough to be successful, identifying and breaking generational money traumas, how to fall in love with your bank account, and identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs.

Vangile is the founder of and the author of Heart, Mind & Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success. She has been traveling for 15 years and has lived in over 12 different countries and visited way more.She has a finance degree and an MBA and started her personal finance journey by paying off US$60,000 in debt. She is also the host of the Property Magicians
Podcast, an A to Z guide to property investing so you can start and grow your property portfolio. The Property Magicians Podcast has over 55,000 downloads on Podbean and is in the top 20 podcasts in the business and investment segments in South Africa and the top 50 in Botswana. She’s also the host of the Money Magic Podcast, a resource on healing intergenerational and money trauma. Wealthy Money helps people heal their ancestral(inter-generational) money trauma so that they can fall in love with their bank accounts, increase their income and live their best lives.

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