Hello Everyone!

I appreciate you so much for tuning into my show and listening to The Women Waken Podcast! I’m offering a little update to bring you all up so speed on what I’ve been up to and what I’m doing with the podcast & other content!

I would absolutely love any feedback any of you have on episodes of the  podcast or other content that you’ve listened to or watched on my Youtube channel (https://youtu.be/dWBskVunwwM). I’m in a period of reflection & evaluation as the the show grows and develops. I’ll continue to release videos weekly (although they won’t all be interview episodes anymore ) I missed last week on account of moving and being without internet 🙂 

Much love and blessings to each of you and please feel free to contact me directly with your feedback, questions, or suggestions! It would mean SO much to hear from you, your thoughts and ideas can greatly help me with adjustments and revamping of content. 

Please email me at Whitney@womenwaken.com!!