People are often told to “lighten up!” when they’re taking things too seriously or getting worked up or upset about something. And why is that? Well, because when you “lighten” up your energy you don’t feel as heavy and weighed down. One might say our planet as a collective is pretty weighed down right now and that the majority of people walk with more burden than freedom. Is there anything we can do about this? Ellyn Katherine Shamalov believes so. Ellyn is on a mission to educate people at this time about the importance of doing lightbody work. Ellyn is an Ascension Teacher, Divine Healer, Transformational Speaker + the Pioneer of the Quantum Enlightenment System. Ellyn is here in service to accelerate mission driven healers and lightworkers so they can rise into their next level self as a powerful leader and change maker. To uplift the vibration of humanity, reveal spiritual truth and wisdom and expand global consciousness. Ellyn’s goal is to help you to stop the cycle of misery from the constraints of emotional burdens and karma so that you can create a life where abundance, freedom and happiness is the norm. 

On this episode. Ellyn and I discuss what are the invisible forces holding us back and how can we liberate ourselves, what is the spiritual roadmap and how can it help to accelerate our transformation, the 7 ascension lessons, how to reprogram your mind, how the Quantum enlightenment System can heal you, and how we can dismantle victim consciousness and raise our vibration in the toughest times.


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